Secondary 7-12

Moving out of Primary School begins a new phase in the life of a student. It presents our young people with an exciting and challenging time of growth and development that will carry them into adulthood. Secondary School is the place where students can learn at their individual level while having opportunities to explore their developing passions.

ɫӰ believes that an education based on a Christian worldview enables the best opportunity for students to develop a wider understanding of the world that will facilitate their ability to meet the complexities presented in our rapidly changing society. Each student participates in an extensive range of subjects that will stimulate and challenge them.

Mr Steve Lobsey - Secondary School

Our safe, caring, learning environment enables students to grow into adults who have at their core, the principles of Godly character; who understand that learning is a life-long endeavour; who are outward looking and care about the well-being of others within society; who can work with others in strong mutually supportive relationships and who find solutions to the issues of life through creative and critical problem solving. Our graduates are equipped to be well rounded mature adults who can influence positive change in the world.